Workplace learning

Mentoring is widely regarded as a potentially valuable career development tool. What are the potential benefits of mentoring for the mentor, mentee and organisation concerned? What are potentially negative aspects of mentoring? What should HR managers and other senior managers in the organisation do to maximise the positive outcomes from mentoring?<<<<<<

essay must contain an introduction to the topic, a main body of discussion and a conclusion that draws together all the main points made in your discussion of the topic. You must research the essay topic and refer to a wide range of source materials, particularly journal articles.

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essay must show evidence of appropriate research, flow smoothly in terms of the points you make, be written in a clear fashion, and adhere to APA referencing guidelines. Take note that an essay is more than a mere summary of material or a regurgitation of what you have read. An essay must demonstrate qualities such as synthesis, integration, critical thinking, original thought and the ability to apply theories, models and concepts to real world situations.

Length: Maximum of five (5) A4 pages of text, double-spaced, 11 point Times New Roman font, excluding References and the Cover Page with author details. Just five pages of the essay will be marked. There must be no headings within the essay. Margins: 2.5cm (1”) on every side.

essay must be based on mainly scholarly journal articles from reputable databases. Your essay must be based on 12 academic sources. Ensure the sources you use are high quality and referenced correctly.

Each part of essay needs to include

Criteria include: Captures attention. Describes what the essay will be about. Explains how essay is structured. Provides other relevant background information.

Criteria include: Keeps to the topic. Each paragraph has a key idea. Paragraphs fully developed. Transitions to connect ideas. Essay flows well. Shows evidence of extensive and appropriate research. Effective use of the literature to establish authority. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand, and grammatically correct fashion.

Criteria include: Discussion summed up effectively. Wraps up the essay in a clear and interesting way. Some reiteration of previous points, but does not simply list or repeat what has already been written. Essay has sense of completion. Shows insight about the topic.

Criteria include: According to APA referencing guidelines. Complete list of sources. Suggests wide reading. Good quality resource material.

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