Workplace Compensation and Injury Management

As the unit coordinator of this unit, I would like to first and foremost pay my respects to the traditional

custodians of the land upon which our university campus stands, and their connection with this land.  I

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acknowledge and offer my respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and people for their

care of the land through their communities and culture, which we have the great fortune of enjoying.


Welcome to HST3503!  In this unit, you will develop the skills required for managing workers’ compensation,

injury management and return to work programmes. You will learn how to plan, design, implement and

evaluate injury management systems and workers’ compensation processes. These skills can be used in a

variety of industries across Australia and internationally.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate a basic knowledge of the factors involved in occupational rehabilitation, injury

management, and compensation from a national and international perspective;

  1. understand the process and requirements for establishing an Injury Management System;
  2. develop, in a consultative manner, an Injury Management System;
  3. demonstrate a basic knowledge of the services provided by rehabilitation and insurance


  1. plan and co-ordinate a return to work program for an injured worker using a multi-disciplinary


  1. adapt or modify knowledge gained in this unit to the particular resources and situations available

that the student will be exposed too;

  1. explain the requirements for accepting a leadership role in a multidisciplinary team and provide

direction and education to other members of the team; and

  1. contribute to development of processes designed to prevent employee injury and ill health.


  1. Injury management and rehabilitation in industry.
  2. Cost effectiveness of return to work and rehabilitation processes.
  3. The role of the private insurer in rehabilitation and injury management.
  4. Injury management systems for industry.
  5. Role of health and psychological professionals in rehabilitation and compensation.
  6. Rehabilitation and successful case management.
  7. The role of rehabilitation services and the professionals’ involvement.
  8. Workers’ compensation legislation and how the principles of workers’ compensation relate to the

rehabilitation of injured employees.

  1. Managing an in-house Injury Management System and developing Return-to-Work Plans.

Teaching and learning

Online students

The teaching and learning approach in the online version of this unit is aligned with the learning offered to

on-campus students.  The intention is to ensure that you have a rich and engaging learning experience

incorporating online engagement and independent learning.  You should use the suggested readings and

other resources to assist you with developing your understanding of the content.  You will also need to draw

upon your own knowledge, opinions and discussions with other students.

Learning materials for this unit are available on the Blackboard site for this unit, under the Learning Modules

link (written hereafter as Blackboard > Learning Modules). The folders contain instructions and resources to

assist you with your studies, including: recorded lectures; links to YouTube videos and external websites;

HST3503 Workplace Compensation and Injury Management, Semester 1, 2016

suggested readings, articles and other resources; activities and topics for discussion and collaboration with

other students.

You can progress through the learning modules at your own pace, but it is important that you use the Study

Schedule to assist you with staying on-track with your learning this semester. To assist you with planning

your time, please consider the following:

  1. This unit will require a study commitment from you of approximately 10 hours per week;
  2. Use the Study Schedule to guide your progress through the learning activities and assessment tasks

this semester;

  1. Check your ECU student email regularly;
  2. Stay in touch with your classmates regularly, via Blackboard > Discussion Board;
  3. Plan ‘rigid’ study times in your weekly schedule and consider allocating separate times for reading,

learning activities, assignment research and discussion.


Contacting your lecturer

Your lecturer’s contact details are available on the front page of this document and on Blackboard > Staff

Contacts.  Please refer to ‘email protocols and expectations’, to guide your communication with your

lecturer.  Questions of a personal nature, such as notification of illness, sharing personal learning

requirements or issues, should be emailed to your lecturer, from your ECU student email account.  All other

questions should be posted on Blackboard > Discussion Board.

Online discussion

You are encouraged to participate in online discussions regularly, via Blackboard > Discussion Board.

Networking with your fellow students, asking questions to clarifying understanding, responding to questions

asked by others, debating different perspectives and sharing articles or other information you discover

throughout your studies, is an integral part of the learning process.

  Adobe Connect

Many online units offer ‘Live’ tutorial sessions, where you can ask questions in real-time.  These sessions are

generally run using Adobe Connect software and will be indicated in the Study Schedule.  To participate in

these tutorials, you will need a headset with microphone, preferably with a USB connection, plus a reliable

Internet connection.  We recommend testing your headphones and microphone before an Adobe Connect

session starts, as you may need to adjust some settings on your computer.


This unit contains an award-winning* podcast to complement your learning.  There are interviews with

industry leaders and field experts to add real-world context to the unit topics.  All audio files can be

downloaded via the Blackboard site or by using the ECU Mobile App.

*ECUlture Teaching & Learning Conference 2015, 1


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