Work motivation, job satisfaction and performance of Sales and Customer Service Representatives at Travel Republic: An analysis of Performance Management framework.

Minimum 16.000 words.

Double line spacing with a left-hand margin of at least 35mm, and head, foot and right hand margins of at least 15mm.
Include name in every page.

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Explanatory notes may appear at the foot of the relevant page or at the end of the chapter. The apprentices should follow the references and bibliography and must.

Title should include full title of dissertation, degree (MS HR management and Training), year of submission and name. At the foot the total word count.

An abstract of 300-500 words, typed in single spacing, should follow the title page with key words given after the abstract. The contents page should appear between the abstract and the text.
*** Please note, as this is a case study carried out in the company I was working for I will be able to provide any information necessary. As the plan is to use the method of survey/questionnaires I will be able forward the questionnaire/survey link that you will provide.

*** MY supervisor suggested providing feedback chapter by chapter, therefore, I need to be in contact with the writer and set a timetable. I will need the dessertation chapter by chapter

Deadline for dissertation is end of August.

***An introduction ( about 2 pages( 1000-1500words) need to be drafted very soon) As certain information need to be gathered from company i need to be in touch with the writer as soon as I get the info, this week.

The following must be included in the literature review:

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I will send over the outline I have submitted to the university so the focus of my dissertation, as I have discussed it with supervisor, to be clear.

Please make online reaserch for the company.,26.htm

I will apload further info in regards to company profile, main events, performance management practices as soon as I get them from TRavel Republic as I am no longer working there. Any additional information you think you will need let me know.

It should be covering two things in more or less equal proportions – the research problem (you need to make it clear that there is a problem as if there is not, there is not reason for any research!) and the research context – ie the context in which the data will be gathered – the organisation, climate of that, the culture of the org, recent big events, what people are talking about, big issues, priorities, the relationship between workers and management and so on – the aim is to give the reader a ‘feel ‘ for what it is like to be in there right now. The research problem might not be a problem for management, it might be that the problem is we don’t know if current PM practices help or hinder! or that policy is translated into practice, or what workers actually do in response to PM and so on.

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