Why is it necessary to calculate the earned value of work performed

1. Use Microsoft Project to develop the project schedule. You must include the resource allocation details on the schedule as well as the WBS shown in Table 1. Develop the schedule and make sure that you:

i. Have an appropriate project name at the top of the task list as a summary task. Have all other tasks indented below the top summary task.
ii. Have the WBS shown in table 1.
iii. Include the milestones at the bottom of the task list (as this has been requested by senior management).
iv. Include the resource allocation details on the schedule.
v. Resolve any resource allocation issues.

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2. Identify the critical path in your schedule:

i. Make sure that the tasks on the critical path are automatically highlighted by the software in the Gantt chart view (i.e. the software should highlight bars of the CP tasks in red in your .mpp file).
ii. List the tasks on the critical path in your answer to this question in the Word document.

3. a) Include three additional tasks in your schedule with a duration of 1 day each to do all the
organisation for following meetings:

i. Design review meeting
ii. Test plan meeting
iii. Customer acceptance meeting

You must manually highlight these three tasks in yellow using the “background colour” icon on the task ribbon. This is to allow your marker to locate them easily.

b) Based on your schedule, when is the latest date that you need to begin organising the test plan
c) Based on your schedule, when is the latest date that you need to begin organising the customer
acceptance meeting?

4. Write a memo to Ms Gurumarra, the director of software development outlining:

i. The expected duration and completion date of the project.
ii. The estimated labour costs of the project. This information must be presented in tabular form with the total cost for each of the work packages, the costs for any meetings and the final total for the whole project.

5. a) List two tasks you would target if you were asked to shorten the project duration.
b) Explain your reasons for choosing to target those tasks.
c) For each task, suggest what you would do to shorten the task.

6. List 2 important activities that the project manager needs to perform in the planning phase of the project. Describe one of these activities in more detail.
7. Why is it necessary to calculate the earned value of work performed? How is this done?
8. Describe how you would calculate a cost performance index. What does it mean when the CPI is below 1.0? What does it mean when the CPI is above 1.0?
Assessment Part B
You are informed by the software engineers that tasks 2.2 Database construction is going to take an extra 3 person-weeks and that task 3.2 Image handler is going to take 1 extra person-week to complete.

Based on the additional information given above, complete the following tasks:

1. Copy your Part A .mpp file to a Part B file and amend the project schedule incorporating the new estimated times for the tasks above (2.2 and 3.2). You need to resolve any resource over-allocation issues caused by the introduction of these changes. You also need to highlight the rows of these changes in green.

2. a) What is the duration of the project now?
b) When is the completion date of the project now?
c) Discuss whether the length of the project is now shorter/longer/the same in comparison to Part A (make sure you include the difference in your answer, that is how much longer or shorter is it).
3. List two negative risks that could impact your project. For each state what type of risk treatment you would use for the risk and describe the treatment action

During a lessons learnt meeting at the end of the project ethics was a key theme. You realise that your team does not understand how important ethics is to project management. Realising that you need to bring your team up to date with ethics you decide to provide some training for them. You have decided to develop a short handout based on the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

4. Develop a one page handout for your team outlining the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. You need to include a section on how the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applies to your team.

You are free to make any assumptions necessary to complete the assignment. However each assumption must be justified and stated clearly in your assessment word document. Marks will be deducted for any unreasonable assumption or for stating an assumption and then ignoring it in your assignment.
Submission of Assessment
The assignment is to be submitted as 3 separate files using the electronic assignment submission system that can be accessed from the link on the course website. The four files to be submitted are as follows:

1. The Word document with the assumptions and answers to the questions for Part A and Part B.
2. The two Microsoft project files created for Part A and Part B. Please ensure that these files are named clearly as Part A.mpp and Part B.mpp respectively. No zip file is allowed for the submission.

Marking Guide for Assessment item 2 – Group Case Study
Assignment Question Criteria Marks available Marks awarded
Part A
Q1 The adequacy of the project schedule. Includes:
• Summary task
• Tasks + WBS
• Durations/effort
• Resources (+ issues resolved)
• Milestones
• Predecessor relationships
• Holidays
Note: marks will be deducted if tasks are not automatically scheduled. 7
Q2 Critical path (highlighted and tasks listed) 1
Q3 Dates of bookings (+ link in .mpp file) 2
Q4 Appropriateness of the Written Memo – includes all details required as shown in .mpp file. 4
Q5 Two tasks for shortening the project + discussion 4
Q6 Additional planning 2
Q7 Earned Value definition and explanation 2
Q8 Discussion on CPI 2
Sub Total Part A 24
Part B
Q1 The adequacy of the amended schedule 2
Q2 The duration (and finish date) + compared to part A 1
Q3 Appropriate risks, treatment type and treatment action 2
Q4 Ethics handout for team 6

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