Which is more important the functionality or the beauty of a living space?

Your thesis proposal will consist of these parts:
1. The cover of your proposal will be the completed proposal Choice Form (page of the handbook). This will include your choice of 40 or 20 credits (Route A or Route) and why your have chosen this route. Your Proposed thesis title and research question, your key words, your name, BA course and CTS thesis proposal tutor.
2. An introduction that follows the structure given on (page 5… of the handbook). Tell us what has personally motivated you to choose your subject and why you are interested in spending time researching it in more detail. (200 words approx.) Tell us briefly what the subject is you will be investigating in your research. (100 words approx.) We will need to know what methods you are thinking about using to investigate your subject and how and why they are the most appropriate methods. Some of these methods are outlined on pages 11-12 of the handbook. (200 words approx.) Also briefly tell us how your literature/subject review was compiled and constructed and what it consists of. (pages of the handbook and how you went about choosing this subject (see
page of the handbook). (100 words approx.)
3. A literature/subject review using the information given on pages 13-14 of the handbook to comply and construct this section. This will be fully referenced using in text citations that link to your reference list using the Harvard Referencing system
as set out in the Cite them Right Online Resource (pages 17-18 of the handbook) (1000 approx.) This section should be fully illustrated with images integrated with the text as appropriate.
4. A conclusion structured as given on page 19… of the handbook. (400 words approx.) 5. As 20% of your final grade for your thesis in your third year will be given for the presentation of your ideas, you should give us some examples of your Design Rationale Agenda (DRA). This will be by using images of publications, prototypes and reasons why you think this might be a constructive and productive way of presenting your ideas. (100 words approx. + images)
6. An annotated reference list and bibliography using the Cite them Right Online Resource as your system of referencing (see page of the handbook) and how to construct an annotated reference list (see pages of the handbook).
Your proposal will be between 2000-2500 words long, excluding the cover sheet, reference list/bibliography……….

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