This assignment is about a comparative financial analysis of two major television networks in Australia: Network Ten and Nine Entertainment Co as public companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Instructions please note carefully

  1. This assignment may be prepared individually or in groups of 2, or 3 or 4. Groups

comprising more than 4 students will not be allowed – this is not-negotiable. There will

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be no different approach to marking, irrespective of whether the assignment is done

individually or in a group.


  1. Extensions. In general, extensions will NOT be granted unless an extension request is

accompanied by a medical certificate or there are extraordinary circumstances that make

lodgement on time impossible. A request for an extension MUST be made BEFORE the

due date and time of the assignment otherwise it will normally not be approved.


  1. Late penalties. Any assignment not lodged by the due date and time will be deemed to

be late and will attract a late penalty of 5 Marks for every day late including

weekends (eg if you lodge your assignment on Monday instead of the previous Friday

due date, you will attract a penalty of 15 Marks off your score because you are three days

late – in other words if you score 70% for the assignment and are three days late, you will

score only 55%).


  1. Lodgement. The assignment is to be lodged electronically via the assignment dropbox

provided on the Course website under the ‘Assessment’ Tab.

You must lodge a pdf version of your assignment.

However, it is a good idea to embed your Excel calculations in a Word file.

  1. If lodging individually, you must lodge an assignment cover sheet and it must

contain your Student ID.

  1. If lodging in a group ONLY ONE PERSON in the group is to lodge the final

assignment document. The student lodging the assignment MUST attach a cover

sheet containing the Full names (ie First name and Family name) of ALL

members of the group. The OTHER students in the group do NOT lodge an





  1. Presentation. Please use Arial Font 12 Pitch for your assignment. Please be aware that

part of the overall mark will be allocated to spelling, grammar and clear presentation.


  1. Word Limit. The assignment has a maximum word limit of 1500 words. Penalties will be

applied if the word limit is exceeded.


  1. Reference List: your assignment must contain a reference list. Because this assignment

refers to financial reports you will be referring to information in those reports. If you refer to

numbers from the financial statements you need to use in-text referencing to note the

page from the annual report that you obtained the figures.


  1. Academic Integrity. Please be aware that you MUST use the Harvard system of in-text

referencing when completing your assignment (ie author/date). ALL references MUST be

acknowledged and you MUST provide a reference list with your assignment. To find the

Harvard referencing requirements please go to the website on ‘Academic Writing Guides’.

guides.cfm. Please also note that the use of Turnitin software  applies (please see

the link


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Television is a major industry in Australia that is always changing and facing new challenges.

Two of the main participants in the industry are the Ten Network and the Nine Network.



This assignment requires you to analyse the recent financial reports of these two major

networks and provide a report to advise potential investors as to which company would be

the best investment.


Please note: The Ten Network has a financial year that ends on 31 August and the Nine

Network has a financial year that ends on 30 June. PLEASE IGNORE THE DATES FOR

THE PURPOSES OF THIS ASSIGNMENT. When completing the assignment please just

use and compare the relevant years for both companies – ie 2014, 2013 and 2012.


Learning Outcomes

The course Learning Outcomes assessed by this assessment task are:

LO2. Analyse and interpret information about financial position and performance;

LO3. Apply management accounting and financial management principles to basic business

transactions and business decision making.

LO5. Use financial accounting data to analyse a simple investment decision


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