The Efficiency of International Arbitration Proceedings

The Efficiency of International Arbitration Proceedings: Lessons from the Recent Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce: the Court of Arbitration (ICC)

Discuss and explain the innovation of the ICC RULES the ICC Rules: make the arbitration process less costly and more efficient; create an Emergency Arbitrator procedure to provide interim and conservatory relief; improve the handling of complex disputes (complex/multiparty, multi-contract disputes and disputes involving states and state entities); case management.

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Background: International arbitration has emerged as the key dispute resolution method for international commercial disputes, but, has become criticized in recent years by certain shortcomings, including inefficient proceedings, increasing costs and delays. This research proposal analyses the efficiency of the current procedural rules of the ICC on dispute resolution, which can be adopted by other arbitral institutions seeking to further improve the efficiency of international arbitration proceedings for the benefit of the parties.

Research Question: the central research question addressed in this proposal is the extent to which the current ICC rules achieve the efficiency of international arbitration proceedings.

In order to address this central research question, it is further necessary to do the following:

  1. Analyse the ……….. rules.
  2. ………………….. to highlights lessons found in……
  3. …….

Research Method:

This research examines …………………………. It explores procedural issues affecting the efficiency of arbitration by analysing the current ICC arbitration rules. The analytical approach taken in this research can be described as primarily a doctrinal one, combined with a secondary normative analysis.

First, as a doctrinal study, it provides……..

Second, as a normative analysis, it evaluates…………

It proposes changes…………….


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