“The effectiveness of low impact physical exercise in improving mood in adults with mild to moderate depression: A protocol for structured literature review”.

Example of suggested content and structural outline for A Structured Literature Review


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“The effectiveness of low impact physical exercise in improving mood in adults with mild to moderate depression: A protocol for structured literature review”.


Chapter 1: Introduction (3000 words approx.)

Contextual background for the study; a critical a review of existing the literature, evidencing contemporary knowledge base and current debate; rationale to conduct a SLR leading to establishing the research question/aim and objectives, concluding with the relevancy of the review.

  • Critical exploration and evaluation of key literature
  • Identification of key themes within the current knowledge base

This might include some policy documents such as: NICE guidelines for treatment and management of mild to moderate depression

And SIGNS guidelines for treatment and management of mild to moderate depression.


  • Identification of gaps in knowledge current
  • Justification for study
  • Short Conclusion

These are the aspects that you need to consider.


General instructions:

Use headings and subheadings to organise the work.

For example:

Chapter 1: introduction

  • overview:

what the topic is?

The statement which describes what you are going to write in the introduction? Etc

  • background
  • these are just examples, use headings where appropriate and try to consider what is written in the instructions


#when you evaluate and  criticise the previous studies and literature, go in depth.

Show some limitations and strength

  • Show you criticisms to these literature
  • You can use the criticisms which are in the proposal but try to paraphrase it as I submitted that to my university and if I put it as it is, it will consider as a plagiarism.
  • Also when you use the criticisms which in the background specifically, expand the criticisms and limitations to justify why Im doing a structure literature reviews.


  • Im expecting to write about depression definition, prevalence of mild to moderate depression globally and in the UK specifically.


  • Aetiology


  • My supervisor recommended me to make reference to ICD10 and DSM5.


  • Impacts of mild to moderate depression


Physical, physiological, psychological social and economical impact.


  • Diagnosis


  • recommended treatment ( write a brief discussion about the interventions such as physical exercise, which kind of physical exercise is recommended and show evidence for that)
  • The research aims and objective
  • Importance of the the study which is the justification for my study.


  • Read the proposal to understand more about my topic.

Try to keep the introduction ha you will write consistent with what I have written in my proposal. However, if you find that some things need to be corrected, correct it














Chapter 2 Methodology (2000 words approx.)

Critical discussion on the systematic processes deployed relevant to types of studies, participants, interventions and outcomes. Key subsection should include discussion on defence of:

  • Methodological justification of the approach (i.e. qualitative or quantitative in order to answer the research question/aim)

Consider that Im focusing on quantitative studies RCTs

  • Inclusion Criteria
  • Exclusion Criteria
  • Types of studies included, i.e. identifying eligible studies: databases used; search strategy
  • Data collection and analysis
    • Quality Assessment
    • Data Extraction
    • Data Synthesis – QUALITATIVE SLR should include identification of a
    • framework for thematic analysis


try to consider these instructions above


General instructions

You might need to focus on the information where written in the proposal

You are free to add some info where required

You might need to include some table or figures or form as appendixes

Show the rational where required for each aspects.


You might have headings such as

  • Methodology

Overview : statement about what you are going to do in the section.

2.1 inclusion criteria

2.1.1 type of studies

2.1.2 participants

2.1.3 type of intervention

2.1.4 type of outcome


2.2 exclusion criteria

2.3 identification of eligible studies

2.3.1 electronic resources

2.3.2search strategy

2.4 data collection  and analysis

2.4.1 selection of studies

2.4.2 Data extraction





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