Thai media and Journalists faced a political crisis

*Specific Contents for analysing the case study

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Media censorship facilitates Thai military coup (News)

Freedom of the press Thailand

Defamation laws in Thailand

Code of Conduct for Members of the Thai Journalists Association

Media and Thai civil society case studies of Television production companies, watch dogs and iTV

Marks* Following the website above and also self-research more journal/article info. to add on the report. Thanks


Guideline on the report

2000W, Front Times New Roman, Size 12, Line space 1.5

Task Description:

  • Review &Briefly outline the case study
  • Identify the ethical/legal issues it raises
  • You should draw on the ethical concepts and legal principles explored in the course in order to

critically analyse the ethical and legal challenges that this case presents for professional communicators.

  1. Ethical of Journalism
  2. Law of Mass media
  3. Value of Journalism
  4. Freedom of press
  5. Defamation laws

In the final part of your analysis

  • Explore and develop possible resolutions to the issues youve addressed


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