Supervisory comments

Supervisory comments

 The thesis currently lacks a review of the education-related literature. For example, the International Agency for Education in Emergencies has produced a large number of advocacy materials that can be used to help enrich the perspective on the role of school education in disaster risk reduction and preparedness. The importance of the pedagogical material is that the thesis will need to be based on a solid theory of change in which intervention leads to identifiable, and hopefully measurable outcomes. In general, the thesis needs to concentrate more on outcomes, including the benefits of heightened awareness of disasters to children and their families.

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More attention needs to be devoted to teacher engagement and teaching methodologies, as well as how these will be developed and assessed in use.

Pedagogical elements of the research project

The review of the environmental crisis, embedded curricula, and the need for education for disaster risk reduction is more developed now and you have noted that there is scope for exploring how secondary education in Indonesia incorporates relevant curricular content, pedagogies and approaches to disaster risk reduction (or fails to do so). This aspect of the project will require continuous development in order to keep pace with the rest.

Theoretical and methodological elements

We are concerned that your report and plans are very short on methodological elements and theoretical underpinnings. PhD research should genuinely be research, which means that it requires a clear research question, method of investigation and underlying model that is formulated, tested and refined. A latter part of the thesis can present information on knowledge transfer or applications, but basic scientific or social scientific research is required to form the main body of the work. We believe that you need a strong hypothesis to test, clearly articulated research questions and a much more detailed methodology for collecting data, analyzing them and verifying the hypothesis.

If, for example, you use indicators to evaluate school pupils’ understanding of environmental issues, or disaster risk reduction, we would expect to see a substantial amount of information on what they are and at least some extensive preliminary use of them. If instead, or in addition, you are collecting data on perceptions, we would expect to see some results of questionnaire surveys.



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