sport policy

The following items/headings provide a guide for your analysis. For each policy area, students should:


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  1. Give a brief statement of the policy problem [1 mark].
  2. Support your analysis by reference to one government (public) sport policy that has been

implemented to address the policy problem [1 mark].

  1. Use these criteria to use to shape your analysis of each of each policy problem:
  2. What is the scope of the policy problem? [1 mark]

o i.e. Does the policy problem affect a wide range of people (e.g. Athletes? Coaches?

Administrators? Bureaucrats? Parents?), and organisations? (e.g. NSO’s? SSO’s? Local

sport organisations? Companies? Teams? Clubs?)

  1. From the policy community that contributed to the policy addressing the policy problem(s), what

resources or skills were necessary to implement this policy? [2 marks]


Synthesis (conclusion) (10 marks), [400 words]:

  1. At the end of your discussion of the seven policy areas, you need to draw together your separate

policy discussions into a succinct conclusion about sport policy in Australia [3 marks].

• Accordingly, here are some questions to shape in your synthesis (conclusion):

  1. Using the concepts of incremental change and transformative change, give one example of each.

Justify your answer [4 marks].

  1. Which policy problem has been the most important to address? Why? [3 marks]


Note: In your synthesis (conclusion) section, you are being asked to compare public policy problems – and

then argue for what you have decided are the most important one.


In this sense, there is no single right or wrong answer. Given that the learning outcome of this assessment is

for you to be able to think critically about Australian sport policy, what is most important for your analysis is

your ability to develop an argument about the complexity of implementing public policy for sport in Australia.



  1. a) Engagement with the learning resources [3 marks]: Does the student use the Stewart et al. (2004)

text and other readings to support his/her analysis of the case?

  1. b) Intellectual honesty demonstrated by appropriate use of APA6 referencing/citation method [2

marks]: Does the student consistently use APA6 referencing method for referencing all materials (e.g.

books, journal articles, websites, etc.) referred to in this assessment? Does the student place their

references in a properly formatted reference list at the end of the document?

• Report Format: This is a hurdle requirement with no marks allocated.


Presentation tips?

• First, leave yourself plenty of time for proofreading and editing. You might consider asking someone

else to critically read your work.

• Second, consistently apply APA referencing format. Do not use two different formats in the same

assignment. Please make sure you include a reference list. Information on how to use APA6 can be

found at:, or by speaking to a librarian.

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