societal bilingulism

Write a 2500 word research essay in which you discuss societal bilingualism in a context in which you are familiar. Design an educational program and design a bilingual assessment for this context. You are not required to complete research IN this community but you may need to do some research ABOUT this community. You should not think of this assessment as relating to any existing program. Please check the suitability of your selected context with the lecturer prior to beginning your assessment. The essay should contain five sections. The List of References and the two Appendices are not considered to be part of the overall word count but are vital in order to understand the context, bilingual program and bilingual assessment. You need to include enough detail in the Appendices to substantiate the points you make in your research essay.

1. A Description of the Macro- and Micro-Context (500 words)
Describe the macro- (national/regional) and micro level language (school) policy of your chosen context (Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia etc.). This section should consider the important local contextual features for understanding bilingualism and for understanding why you have developed your bilingual educational program and your bilingual assessment as you have. It is important to use references to back up any claims that you make about policy in this context and provide any other relevant details that let the reader understand why the educational program that you are about to describe would be particularly suited to this context.

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2. A Description and Justification of the Bilingual Program (1000 words)
The discussion of your chosen bilingual program should state and justify the aims and objectives of the bilingual program and position the program within current theoretical perspectives on bilingualism and additional language learning. You should explain why this program would be the best bilingual program for your purposes (and why other forms would be less effective). In all instances, it is very important to use relevant literature in bilingualism to support your claims for why you chose (or did not choose) a particular program for your context.

3. A Description and Justification of the Bilingual Assessment (1000 words)
The discussion of your chosen bilingual assessment should explain why this would be the best assessment for your context for your selected purpose. In all instances, it is very important to use relevant literature in bilingual assessment to support your claims for why you chose (or did not choose) a particular assessment for your program. Your discussion should include an argument, drawn from the relevant literature, which shows an understanding of the purposes and different way of assessing the linguistic abilities of bilinguals.

4. References
You should use as many references as you need to fulfil the task. All materials from your readings and other sources that you quote must be clearly acknowledged in the body of your writing, plus you need to provide the details of the source in your reference list. The references must be in APA6, and formatted carefully and accurately.

5. Appendici
A: The Proposed Program
B. The Proposed Bilingual Assessment

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