Should the Courts Seek the “Original Meaning” of the Constitution?

  1. Research Questions/Issues (Choose one for your topic):
  1. Does the President Have Unilateral War Powers?
  2. Should America Adopt Public Financing of Political Campaigns?
  3. Should the Courts Seek the “Original Meaning” of the Constitution?
  4. Is Congress a “Broken Branch”?
  5. Should the Senate Filibuster Be Abolished?
  6. Should the President Be Allowed “Executive Privilege”?
  7. Is Warrantless Wiretapping in Some Cases Justified to Protect National Security?
  1. Organization:
  1. Introduction and Statement of Research Problem. (Your research issue or thesis


  1. Historical Background.  (How the issue has developed historically)
  2. Discussion.  (Discuss supporting and opposing viewpoints)
  3. Analysis.  (Your own ideas and thoughts about the subject)
  4. Conclusion.  (Summarize your main arguments and restate your thesis)
  5. The bibliography or works cited list is a separate page.

III.      Additional Information:

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  1. Remember to cite all references you used, with either the MLA (Modern Language Association) or the APA (American Psychological Association) writing style.
  2. Use a minimum of three (3) scholarly sources: such as academic books, journals, newspapers and magazines, etc.

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