Self-direction and self-evaluation of your nursing practice are fundamental to the development to the development of knowledgeable, competent and confident practical nurse. You are required to complete a self- appraisal that you will share with your instructor and your preceptor prior clinical evaluation. Self-appraisal should address the following:
* Speak to your learning goals and progress toward meeting entry-level competencies for Licensed Practical ; ( e.g IV initiation, Catheterization)
* Provide examples from your practice experience that demonstrate how you have met your learning goals and met professional competencies ( e.g – Successful IV insertion and In and Out procedure
* Provide evidence from your clinical experiences that demonstrate achievement of the program outcomes ( I’ve learned to give medications fast, accurate and efficient. Assess pt. head to toes, taking vital signs & sugar test. Initiating sub cu- line, IV insertion, Secondary IV, Post-mortem care, etc ).
* Analyze your progress toward achieving your learning plan
* Identify ares for continued competency ( Focus on IV insertion, giving medications especially of using secondary bag.
* In what areas have you demonstrated strength and competence ? ans. giving medications
What areas have you demonstrated on for continued competency development………..

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