Scenario Analysis: Celeste is a wife and mother of two young children, Maria, an instructor of interpersonal skills for managers & more…

Prepare a 2 – 4 slide PowerPoint Presentation focusing on the questions given in the introduction for each of the scenarios

Scenario One:
Celeste is a wife and mother of two young children. She is in her mid-30s and has decided to go back to work. Her husband, a college professor, works an extra job, and so is tired all the time and does not spend enough time with the family. Celeste wants things to slow down for him. She will put the children in daycare. She’ll have a 45-minute commute. The extra money will help Jim give up extra commitments. Economically, they will remain about the same but the burden will now be shared more fairly. She expects these changes will make the family happier.

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Scenario Two:
Maria, an instructor of interpersonal skills for managers, has had three sessions with a particular organization. She was told that Neil has not been able to keep a team together for more than three months at a time. She notices that, in her workshops, he lounges with a bored expression and reads the sports pages while she is speaking. She concludes his arrogance and hostility are hurting his performance. She writes him a memo about his behaviors (reading, looking bored, not bothering to contribute and the negative effect it has on the group). She asks him to eliminate these behaviors because she believes his power and prestige will grow.

Scenario Three:
Jeffrey, a manager in his 40s, works for a medium-sized organization in Chicago, and is fed up with work. The problem is not financial, it is that he is not being recognized. The boss recently brought in an outsider to help him at his own expertise. He has applied for other jobs and has been offered one in California. The interviewer flattered him. He felt his qualifications were being highly regarded. He feels that if he takes this new job, he’ll clearly be recognized and rewarded.

Scenario Four:
Rod is a single father of three children. He takes his parenting responsibilities very seriously. He is also an independent contractor working out of his home office. He takes his work responsibilities seriously, as well. Although the aspect of having an office at home gives him many opportunities to be involved in his children’s lives, the fact of having the job there all the time also causes him to keep working when he should stop–when the kids expect him to be available. The kids continually remind him of the latter case. He believes moving his office out of the house will allow him to balance his efforts between work and family better.

a. Assumptions underlying the scenario
b. How the individuals in the scenario can validate their assumptions
c. Some possible alternatives are:
d. How an outsider could check to see if the assumptions are valid:

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Before answering the questions lets define the assumption. An assumption is an unstated premise that supports the author’s conclusion. It is the connection between the stated premises and the conclusion. An assumption is not directly stated in the article by the author and fills the gap between the premises and conclusion.

Scenario One
a. Assumptions underlying the scenario
Celeste is optimistic about her decision. She thinks she will like her new job and the transportation will not be a big issue for her. She doesn’t see any drawbacks about putting her children into daycare and she is comfortable about this. She thinks her effort will make her husband feel better and lead him to spend more time with his family. According to her, going back to her job will make her and her family happier then before.

b. How the individuals in the scenario can validate their assumptions?
First of all Celeste must be sure that her children will be comfortable and feel better when she put her job prior to them. She must also be sure that she can be able to bear the work and 45 minutes of traffic every day. She should ask herself whether she will like the new job and whether her efforts will really lead her husband to spend more time with her and kids or not. Because he may have different plans.

c. Some possible alternatives are:

  1. Celeste may find a job that fits to her husband’s spare time (weekends). In this way he …

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