Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding of:

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1. The theoretical concepts relating to promoting the well-being of children in families, the home and at school.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of key themes as stated in the statutory framework relating to safeguarding for early years and schools.

Intellectual and academic skills:
3. Through a synthesis of the literature, critically evaluate relevant information from a wide range of sources.

Practical skills:
4. Convey ideas in written English in a clear and structured manner that adheres to academic conventions.
5. Focus, critically, your knowledge of theory to a relevant case study from within an early years, school or educational setting.
Transferable skills:
6. From a variety of sources, communicate in writing using relevant specialist vocabulary where appropriate.
Case review.

Critically analyse a case study to evaluate the impact and outcomes for safeguarding policy and practice in either an early years, school or other relevant educational setting.

Please see the attached files regarding the Daniel Pelker case.

Guidance for the structure. Please stick to the plan.

Ability to critically analyse case study materials
Ability to identify and evaluate the impact of a case review on the formation of safeguarding policy and practice.
Ability to identify the outcomes of a case review and to demonstrate understanding of how the outcomes impact upon policy decisions and practices.
Reflections on impact for personal practice
Positionality – ???? – Very important

Approaching the task:

Developing a narrative structure
When undertaking critical thinking in relation to children, ask simple questions; what’s the concern in the case review?
Whose story is this?
Who is involved in the case?
What role do those involved take?
What happens before/after the case review?
What is the theoretical framework?
What is the national context?

Make a specific choice e.g. a particular child/family
Review a series of organizational policies
Analyse national priorities and policies
What are the consequences of policy on practice?
What approach do you take?

What theoretical grounding/perspective will this be based in?
Structural theories of explanation – Marxism
Post – structuralism
Social constructionism

Keep a reflective diary
Make notes relating to any strategies, actions or approaches you have implemented as a result of the findings of the case review.
Use ASPIRE to help you to order your thoughts

What resources did you use?
Did you make a referral? If yes, to what organisation?
Reflect on how the child presented and on any concerns that you had.
What happened?
Is there a problem? How did you identify it?

Suggested examples for discussion

How is the local context informed by the national policy context? What are the historical antecedents? How are changes to practise enforced by government regulators?

The rights of the child versus wider social expectations; the paramountcy principle.

Early interference or intervention? Are we at risk of pathologizing generations of, probably, poor children? If we intervene early how can we monitor the consequences of our actions in later life? Are there wider political, social justice, emancipatory questions that can be asked when you consider impact and outcomes for children and families?
Draft Assignment Plan

Why is this topic interesting or important to you? What is your case review/ analysis concern?

What are you trying to achieve? State how you will address the learning outcomes.

How are you going to tackle this assignment?

Ethnographic focus – Will you focus on an individual child / family you have worked with?
Structural – consider an organizational review perhaps of your own safeguarding policy and consider critically their impact on your practice, on that of children in your care.
National policy – examine a well known / publicly documented case.
Programmatic structure of your assignment to follow, section by section
I.e. in this section I will …

Literature review
There is plenty on the web about how to use literature to plan a literature review and how to synthesize data from different sources.
Address which key journals, articles; books or other literature sources are important for completing this assignment? Which key ideas are important in each publication?

Use questions:
What aspect of the topic does this paper address?
How does this paper define the topic
What issues or debates are raised?
Is this a key source? Why?
What concepts, models, Perspectives, theories are presented?
What are the epistemological and ontological grounds for the paper?
What questions and problems does the Paper address?
What methods (if any) are employed in the paper?
In what ways does this paper relate to other papers in this field?
How has the paper helped to develop my understanding of the topic?

Position statement
Who are you? What do you do? What’s your experience of safeguarding either directly or indirectly? What are you bringing to your conversations with your own children? How do your experiences and emotions impact on your working relationships?

Action Plan/ case chronology?
What does a good case study / chronology look like?

Case study outline
How do the child / family present? What’s going on within the context? Is your data informed by evidence? Is it tacit knowledge i.e. from within the staffroom or hard evidence gained by court / social services reports/ police investigation?

Wider discussion/analysis
Try to ask yourself at least 4 questions to help shape your discussion analysis. (These will help guide your research and your reading)

What is the impact on the family? What wider, social factors have contributed e.g. household, index of deprivation, extended family, and membership of the community, previous history of mental health, substance misuse, and violence?

Revisit the question and advance the discussion further, ask some further questions, establish links between theory and practice and recommendations for further research.

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