Research Proposal to categorize and measure the relative capability of suppliers to the Chinese automotive industry.


The automobile industry is busy worrying about revenues and competition (NIEUWENHUIS, 2008); with buyer requests for styling, safety, and proficiency (PINTO, 2011); and with work relations and assembling productivity. Although the automobiles have empowered individuals to travel and transport products more remote and speedier and have opened more extensive business sector territories for business and trade; there is still the test of getting their supplies in time. This study tries to determine whether the suppliers are capable of satisfying the manufacturers’ demands.

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A case study of the King Long United Automotive Industry Co. shows that their delivery of buses is mostly delayed by the shortage of parts which stems from supplier incapacity to meet their obligations on time.

Statement of the problem

King Long United Automotive Industry Co. faces inadequate or inconsistent spare part supplies, and this has led to the company being unable to produce their buses in time for delivery to the clients.

Interview with the purchasing manager

  1. what would you describe as the single most challenging factor in your department
  2. Why don’t you import or better yet make the parts yourselves?


To ascertain whether the supply for parts will ever equal the demand of the same or even surpass it. This will help the manufactures adjust their buying patterns and quantities to ensure a steady supply of their finished products into the market.

In this study, the primary and derivative research will be integrated. Using both of them will thoroughly able to offer adequate useable information for the car manufacturers and will help them understand more about the automobile industry suppliers and the diverse variables that encompass the purchasing and supply of the raw materials.

Research methodology

This research will use a descriptive method of study. This descriptive study intends to present truth concerning the nature and type of a state of affairs, as it appears at the time it is under scrutiny and to describe current conditions, events or frameworks based on the idea or reactions of the interviewees (GÓMEZ, 2011). Questionnaires and previous research materials will be our main methodology of collecting data.

The essential information for the study will be represented by the overview results will be procured from the respondents and meetings with a number of the leaders of an automobile organization, namely the King long United Automotive Industry Co. Then again, the writing surveys to be introduced in the remaining section of the study will come from the auxiliary information from secondary sources of the study.



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