“Refugee Crisis 2015-2016: A Threat or an Opportunity for the Economies of the EU”

DISSERTATION Instructions 

A Qualitative Research

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All the following are things that I want included in this paper, the writer should follow the regular

scheme of a dissertation.

  1. Dissertation Title:

“Refugee Crisis 2015-2016: A Threat or an Opportunity for the Economies of the EU”


  1. The thinking behind this Research:
  2. The purpose of this paper is to find out whether the refugees will assist or worsen the

economies of the EU.

  1. After a brief research I have found interest in this title for my dissertation because I

have found historical cases in the 20


century from other countries and continents of

people leaving their countries because of the war and immigrated to other countries

and they helped those countries because they were experienced craftsmen, and

provided the local economies with cheap labor. I want the writer to find cases like this

to support the argument. So the writer should compare these eras of massive

immigration and how the economies of those countries have performed before and

after the refugees or the immigrants arrived.

  1. The writer must present an economic analysis of the costs to retain refugees in these

countries of the EU

  1. There are researches by the EuroStat that show that he population of the EU countries

is rapidly aging and that there are not enough hands to fulfill the demand for new


  1. It is a documented fact that, the Syrian mainly, refuges are well educated and highly

trained and have numerous technical abilities.

  1. The writer must suggest of a special working regime that will give the employers

economic incentives to hire newly arrived refugees.

  1. Introduction should include:
  • What is the research about
  • Why is it important
  • Who is going to benefit from the results
  • Why should we have knowledge about the matter (Reasoning of the Research)
  • What is it that we don’t know
  • What is the knowledge gap that will be filled with this research (Question of the


  • How are we going to fill in this gaps or better the situation (Research Targets)
  • What is the theoretical basis of our approach
  • Which parts of the Bibliography will be examined


  1. Review of Bibliography

A review of what has already been published on the matter of research by valid academic

sources and researchers. This section must provide the theoretical background of this

research, it must place it and relate with the existing bibliography on the matter. It should

summarize the knowledge that we already have on the matter, which will support our

own approach. It must examine the matter from all angles, including the different

opinions that are different from our point of view. It must highlight all gaps in knowledge

and matters in doubt.

à In this part of the paper we must present the different opinions of whether the

refugees will help the local economies or not.

  1. Methodology

à In this part of the paper we will discuss the methodology that will be used and it will

be just qualitative and state that we will further examine this matter with the analysis of

already accessible data from recognized institutions and organizations with the optional

use of SPSS.

  1. Comments and Discussion
  • How will this dissertation will be concluded
  • How could this dissertation get even better
  • Are there any shortages in bibliography or data that should be dealt with
  1. Bibliography
  • Use Harvard Style
  • All citations must come from academically accepted sources
  • Cite in-text as much as possible
  • Citations must be as updated as possible except for the historical cases.

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