Reading guide for Bilingual Beginning readers, 5-7 years

Prepare a reading guide which will demonstrate your understanding and application of the cultural and aesthetic values of literature and other resources. The guide will include ten (10) works on bilingual beginning readers.  This guide should include examples of both non-fiction as well as fiction and have a least five (5) items on a format other than a traditional hard copy book eg talking book. Further, you will include five (5) web links relating to the theme, materials, and content of your guide.  The guide should consider the theme, usage and the intended audience and consider what arrangement will best suit their needs, for example, books about nature for pre readers. You should present this in a visually-appealing way meant to grab the attention of your intended audience and encourage them to engage with the reading materials and guide.  If you choose a younger group, you may want to tailor the guide for their parent/guardians who would be making their reading decisions whereas an older group of readers would more likely be making these decisions for themselves.

Part I: Background (750 words)

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Write an introduction to your guide which includes:

  • an overview of the age group and/or particular audience, including discussion based on wider research on this group and their needs with at least two recent journal articles on the subject
  • an overview of the purpose of your reading guide showing your understanding of literacy and the role public library programs have in promoting literacy and language development (including at least three recent journal articles on the subject)
  • an overview of the theme and its appeal to your audience which may include citing professional research or literature for support
  • an explanation for your choice of arrangement and format for your guide outlining why it is appropriate for your audience

Part Two: Reading guide (Total 2250 words)

You are to design and construct a reading guide designed and arranged for your chosen audience. The aim is not just to supply a list of books but to guide and extend the reading possibilities of the chosen audience or meet a need that audience might have. This guide can be in Word document. The guide should include:

  • Ten (10) works on the selected theme which meet the needs of your audience. The selection should reflect your understanding of diverse audiences, selection criteria and not be limited by format. Remember that five of these should be in a format other than a traditional hardcopy print book. You should include:
    • Bibliographic or access details for each work (excluded from word count),
    • An overview of each work focusing on your audience and designed to generate their interest in the theme. Remember that your audience for these annotations are the potential readers and you want to entice them into engaging with the works. (150 words per work, 1500 words in total, excluding bibliographic and access details).
  • Five (5) other web links related to your theme to items including other books, websites related to the works, fan sites, video clips, movies and so on. A brief evaluation must also be provided for each link to explain its value is to the selected audience. (150 words per web link, 750 words total)


The aim of this assignment is to:

  • provide a systematically arranged reading/resource guide for a selected audience which demonstrates understanding of the needs of this audience, criteria for selection, knowledge of the range of reading experiences and formats available and has considered multiple literacies, abilities and interests;
  • provide you with understandings of the ways in which books/films/television/video games may connect with each other to enrich the reading experience; and
  • apply theory to the construction of a reading guide.


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