Professional Criminological Research Skills: Transgender People in Prison

A transgender woman housed in a male prison has attempted to castrate herself because the prison would not medically support her to transition and undergo sex change surgery. It is common practice for transgender people who are sentenced to prison to be incarcerated in a facility according to the sex they were designated at birth. In addition to this, many transgender people are denied access to hormone therapy while they are in prison, with correctional facilities arguing they are obligated to provide little more than psychiatric support to transgender inmates. These practices have had numerous negative effects on transgender inmates with the denial of hormone therapy being classified as a form of torture. As a response to this situation, the Queensland Government have launched an inquiry into the treatment of transgender prisoners in Queensland. You are one of the following experts. Listed after each role are some relevant topics for you to think about when finding your sources. This is to help you identify the focus of that role, and ensure your sources are relevant. You do not have to discuss all of or any of these topics; they are just topics to help you understand your role. You may find other topics relevant to that role that you want to discuss.

  • Lawyer: Legal issues that must be considered regarding the treatment of transgender prisoners;Legal issues around classifying prisoners according to the sex they were designated at birth.


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  • Corrections Policy Officer: The best ways to maintain the safety of transgender prisoners;The issues associated with isolating transgender prisoners away from the other inmates; How this impacts upon the job of a corrections officer.


  • Human Rights Advocate: The human rights issues associated with transgender prisoners;The issues around access to hormone therapy.


  • Corrections Officer: Theissues correctional officers need to be aware of when interacting with transgender inmates;The different things do they need to do to ensure their conduct is fair, ethical, and equitable.

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