Problem clearly and develop a problem statement

  1. Problem statement
  • Define the problem clearly and develop a problem statement


  1. Project mission statement
  • A summary of what the overall project is
  • Providing information for two main questions:
    • What are we going to do?
    • For whom are we going to do it?


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  1. Project goals, objectives and strategies

Project goal

  • The goal is a statement about the desired outcome”
  • Actionable Project goals need to be amenable to action

Project Objectives

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time limited

Project strategies (what is actually going to be done)

  • Based on evidence of “what works”
  • Actionable
  • Feasible
  • Sustainable
  • Able to address political and stakeholder issues
  • Ethical
  • Selected because they have the highest impact


  1. Deliverables
  • Clearly describe what will be delivered on completion of the project


  1. Work breakdown structure to detail tasks; schedule, sequencing and timeframe
  • Divide the project into manageable components
  • Ensure the activities are well defined
  • Split the project into small tasks based on of the most important features of project
  • The various different tasks need to be scheduled to ensure the project is completed by the due date
  • It is important to acknowledge that some tasks rely on each other and must be scheduled accordingly
  • This task needs to be completed in Gantt Chart form


  1. Risk analysis and contingency plans
  • Conduct a risk analysis
  • Anticipate the likely obstacles that might occur. Develop contingency plans for identified high risks


  1. Project resources required
  • Outline the project resources that are required e.g. office space, equipment and staff


  1. Project management structure
  • You need to provide details of who is going to be the Project Sponsor and Project Manager and what their titles are. In addition to this you also need to provide a list of likely Stakeholders


  1. Budget
  • This section contains information about the budget that is required for the project. Full budget details and an appropriate cashflow should be provided in the appendix to the Project Plan.


  1. Communications and reporting
  • You will need to provide information regarding the frequency and membership of formal project meetings together with comment/list of reports or information that will be made available at the meetings.



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