Performance Management (coaching plan)

This assessment has two parts and you will be working in pairs

Using the case study below develop a coaching plan for Hussain to help improve his performance on

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the job and his relationship with co-workers (1200 words).


You will then complete an 8-10min oral presentation in week 12. The presentation will have two parts:


  • Both of you need to present your coaching plan to the class and justify the choices you have made.
  • One of you will then play the role of Natasha, while the other will play the role of Hussain, as you deliver

the feedback session in a live scenario.

Case Study:

Natasha Singh, HR manager

You are the newly appointed HR manager of Yarra Bank. This is the first time you have had to complete an

appraisal of Hussain. You are somewhat anxious because Hussain has the reputation of being aggressive,

outspoken and challenging management decisions. He is technically very competent but has mixed relationships

with his fellow workers. He has upset several colleagues and senior managers, who see him as having a ‘chip on

his shoulder’. Consequently, you suspect that his personal advancement prospects are poor. You know, for

example, that your superior dislikes him and you are worried that if you rate him too highly, you will have a

problem with your new boss, John Hay. As a result, you plan to play it safe and give Hussain the following


Assessment Information

Hussain Ibrahim

You have been with the organisation for 12 months. You believe you have performed extremely well. You have

achieved all your performance objectives and get on well with those you respect. You have, however, had

several clashes with John Hay, your boss’s boss. You regard him as being out of his depth and have highlighted

problems which have arisen because of his poor decisions. You also feel he has treated you unfairly because of

your ethnicity and religion. You are very concerned about how your new manager is going to rate you. You have

had no feedback at all on your performance since her appointment two months ago. You suspect she is very

keen to make a good impression on John Hay. You have documented all your achievements and want to know

what the organisation thinks of you personally, your performance and your prospects, and why.

Modified from Stone, Raymond J. Human Resource Management, 8th Edition. John Wiley & Sons Australia,

08/2013. VitalBook file. Pp 344-345

Your coaching plan needs to:

  • Identify the key areas of professional development required
  • Identify and analyse the relevant theory and how you perceive it will assist Hussain improve
  • Research and present training options

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