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Rhetoric Criticism Paper
The art or action of rhetoric is something that has been in existence for centuries, but has developed into a very sophisticated form of communication. It can be considered the art of discourse, and its main focus is to improve the capability of the speaker whether it be to inform, persuade or motivate audiences toward a certain direction or perception on something. On the other hand, rhetorical criticism is the method used to criticize words, phrases, images, gestures, and performances during communication. One action that can be criticized is the response by the government, from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
The United States of America was a land of hope and freedom. It was a country were anyone could make a dream into a reality, yet all this changed with one incident. When discussing terrorist attacks, the first thing that comes to mind are the 9/11 attacks that shook America forever. In addition, many people started accusing many Middle Eastern individuals of being terrorist, because of the speech George Bush gave after the attacks had occurred. He mentioned that anyone housing, feeding, helping, or associating with terrorist would be classified a terrorist. This is how America developed into a strict secure country that rarely gives its citizens and visitors the joy of roaming free. As we develop a better image of the aftermath of 9/11, the government developed a mindset of you either sacrifice security for liberty or liberty for security.
There was a point when Americans felt invincible and had political power throughout the world. Once 9/11 hit, Americans became victims of fear and paranoia because they felt as if the once great and untouchable nation was weak and delicate. For example, “However, the attacks proved these beliefs to be fallacious, casting the American people into unfamiliar territories of panic about their safety and doubt as to America’s superiority.” After this, the political world used this tragic event as a line to draw Americans to the polls and put them on their knees because of fear.
The response other countries gave us was actually fairly surprising for many Americans. Foreign countries used it as a propaganda tool to fuel their political plans. “Guided by hegemony and propaganda frameworks, the study intends to probe how objectively the press of both countries covered 9/11.” This was especially true in Middle Eastern countries such as Pakistan because they had a plan and it involved greed and money. This is actually very important because it gives perspective from different cultures of an event that affected America.
Even though Islam is a very peaceful and loving religion, over the last decade or so it has become an easy target for “terrorist activity”. This is unfortunate because false media coverage that tells us to dislike Muslims because they are all evil people is something that is very real in society. U.S. media has not made anything better because they have consistently focused on degrading Muslims to make it seem as if Muslims are after “Christian America”. “Islam entered the contemporary U.S. news cycle initially because of connections to oil, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and terrorism; thus, all of the major stories, and what the audiences in the West know about Islam and Muslims, is connected to control of the resource of oil, war, and terrorism.” This quote is specifically important because it explains how nobody really knew the religion Islam but they knew what was associated with the countries that were
heavily populated by Muslims.
One aspect that many people do not think about when discussing 9/11 is how the so called “aggressor” is actually the victim. I say this in response to people Calling Muslims terrorist and categorizing most Middle Eastern people as bad people. When in reality, the European Union and America attacked and took over innocent people’s homes and property. For example, “The weak against the powerful and with the dominant in the precarious position of being a victim, despite its position in the world as a super-power; (ii) the vulnerability of technology and the cycle of violence it creates; and (iii) the violation of human rights by the US a powerful nation well-known for upholding those rights.” This is a very long but powerful line that can be very insightful from this article.
The after math of 9/11 was beyond imaginable. The creation of the homeland security was in full effect, while adding TSA agents at every airport and putting multiple restrictions on airport security. In addition, Federal Air Marshals were added randomly to flights across the country to increase the level of security. The Homeland Security website itself is not very helpful because it creates a notion of a safety blanket over America when in reality many TSA agents are somewhat useless. This is because X-ray machines that scan every person that boards a plane do all the work. In addition, having Bomb Squad dogs walking around the airport have increased.

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