1. Choose a sport and athlete for your assignments (ex: 16-y female gymnast). You will use the same athlete for all of your assignments. If you choose an endurance sport like triathlon, cycling, or running, choose a specific situation (Olympic distance triathlon) or population (Masters level swimming). 2. Find a claim, advertisement, or product marketing material related to your sport. For example, if you chose a sport where the athlete’s figure or weight is important (diving, gymnast, wrestling), you may look for ads that market weight loss supplements. If you chose a strength and power athlete, you may look for muscle-building ads or claims. You can research an ergogenic aid like BCAA, creatine, beta alanine, HMB, caffeine, protein powder, etc. as it relates to your athlete/sport. You can also find a claim such as: weight lifters need 30 g of protein in the post-workout recovery period. You can also choose a diet plan that is recommended for a specific type of athlete, such as the Paleo diet for Crossfit athletes, or a carb-loading diet plan for endurance athletes. You can find the claim/recommendation on the Internet or in print, but it should be a verifiable, published claim. Include a PDF copy of the advertisement or claim to turn in with your paper. (5 points) 3. Provide 3 abstracts supporting or opposing the claim or advertisement as it relates to your sport. The abstracts should be derived from peer-reviewed journals, not from lay publications. Make sure the abstracts are relevant to the claim and type of athlete you’ve chosen. You can search through the ASU Library, SCAN, Pubmed, or Google Scholar. Include PDF abstracts that either support or refute the claim made in the advertisement. 4) Draw personal conclusion based on the evidence found (If you cannot find articles related to your claim / advertisement, you will need to choose a different claim/advertisement. Submit a paper (Word or PDF) (250-300 words) that includes: – why you chose the sport/athlete – how the claim relates to the sport/athlete – your personal conclusions related to the topic based on the evidence you found………………………

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