NICU Case Study/Chart Exam

  1. Primary and secondary diagnosis of patient. Describe what these disease entail, with particular emphasis on Cardiopulmonary manifestations.
    2. Patient history of this disease, including maternal history, any fetal assessment tests that have been performed (i.e. ultrasonography, amniocentesis, etc.), and any labor and delivery history and complications. Please include APGAR, Silverman-Anderson, and Dubowitz scores, as applicable, and gestational age at birth.
    3. Current patient assessment (e.g, age, weight, and physical assessment). Please include: respiratory rate, breath sounds, apnea episodes, presence of retractions, grunting, skin color, and heart rate. This section much also include: results of x-rays, lab work, and blood gas results with interpretation.
    4. Patient’s major respiratory and/or cardiac symptoms. Whittier they and how are they being treated? Please include surgeries, medications, treatments, and mode of oxygen delivery. For example, ventilator type, settings and mode, SpO2 monitors, TcPO2, etc. Please indicate why these particular types of interventions are being used and the mode of action of pertinent drugs being used.
    5. Patient prognosis or probable outcome of this case. Also, please include any plans for, or probable need for, home care, support groups, and follow up visits, etc.

    The main Primary of the Causes of Prematurity for the Mother of the baby of this paper it’s bleeding from vaginal rupture by the vaginal ultrasound.

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    The paper needs 1 page for outline, 7 pages for the length of the body of the paper, also over 10 references, last a visual aid thats a Powerpoints includes Charts, slides, x-rays, also all the key points from the paper.

    1. Outline
    -Includes Primary Diagnosis, History of present disease, Maternal Medical History, Family History, Fetal Assessments, Delivery History, Patient assessment at birth, Hospital Course, Current Patient Assessment, Prognosis and follow up care.
    2. Preparation
    -inludes Length (Body Length Only needs to be over 7 pages, Neat, typed, double spaced, readable with few grammar/spelling errors.
    3. Information
    -Includes Broad in scope, covers all information listed in section 3 and 4 of case study directions above, covers several related details (ex. Alternative treatment, experimental treatment, etc.) Also clear, precise, understandable, pictures, graphs, etc. The information has to be up to date.
    4. Oral Presentation(Power Point)
    -includes professionalism, clear logical manner, also has to have visual aides that inlaced hands outs, charts, slides, x-rays, graphs, pictures in power point. In the power point only briefly describe the key points you wrote in the paper.
    5. Reference
    -inlcudes More than 10 references, alphabetized, proper punctuation, also the types of references-books, magazines, research abstracts, computer/internet, interviews, etc.)

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