Newborn/Infant, Toddler, Preschooler, School-Age, Teenager

type herePlease do those assignments for me please, it’s nursing assignment if you can’t do it guys, don’t take a chance and let me know because it ‘s really different than those previous assignments that you had been written for me of my Bachelor in Health care management.
Please answer these following Questions for me step by step, that’s mean every question has a specific answer. Thanks in advance!

The 2 you did not choose to create a display board complete as a written assignment.

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1) Explain language development in the first year of life.
2) Discuss the common issues related to growth and development in infancy.
3) Discuss how to assess an infant for normal developmental changes in the first year of life.
a) How to identify the gross and fine motor milestones of the newborn and infant.
b) Developmental stages according to the 3 theorists.
4) Discuss the nutritional changes through the first year of life; write a teaching plan for a new mother.
1) According to each of the 3 theorists, what significant cognitive development allows toddlers to engage in imitative play?
2) Describe the gross motor progression of walking in a toddler.
3) Explain what about a toddler’s sensory development puts him or her at risk for accidental ingestion. Name 3 of the most dangerous potential poisons a toddler may ingest.
a) Observe a typical house (kitchen, bathroom, playroom, nursery, garage). Lists hazards that may be present in each room, and ways to make the room safer for a toddler.
4) Discuss an action that parents might take when a temper tantrum occurs.
Discuss the nutritional changes/requirements as the infant advances to the toddler.
Explain why allowing children to “graze” on carbohydrate-rich foods throughout the day may contribute to poor dental health.
1) Explain, from a language and comprehension perspective development in the preschool years.
2) Explain the gross and fine motor development
3) Explain the difference between nightmares and night terrors. What can a parent of a child with night terrors do to help stop the situation from recurring?
4) Explain the disciplinary practice of time-out. How does it work?
5) Discuss the preschooler’s development according to the 3 theorists.
6) Make a nutrition plan appropriate for the preschooler. Create a sample menu.
1) Identify the developmental milestones of the school-age child.
2) State the scope of the problem of obesity in school-age children. List the teaching guidelines for dealing with this problem.
3) Go to and find “Age-Appropriate Diet For Children.” Print the section for older children.
4) Visit the kids Health website at Enter the kids site and go to “Staying Safe.” Summarize 3 different safety subjects that are age appropriate for school-age children, one from each category.
1) Briefly discuss each of the five developmental concerns of adolescence.
2) Describe how the nurse can help children cope with each of those five developmental concerns of adolescence.
3) In groups of three, each person will choose one of the following: early, middle, or late adolescence. Make a presentation to the rest of the group describing the physical changes occurring during that part of adolescence.
4) Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at Click on “Life Stages and Populations,” then click on Adolescents, and Teens, then click on “Sexual Risk Behavior.” Print and read information from “Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance.”

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