Inclusive education in Saudi Arabia’s main stream schools: finding a way forward

This report for implication will be related to both Plan for investigation + progress report  , All of these will be uploaded with Unit Professor feedback Plus Peers feedback You may have look for all Please  BEFORE You Starting it will be assist you to start clearly with the last modify and Feedback  .


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2 The new report have to be avoided any mistakes that have been indicated on the previous work FEEDBACK  .


3The lecture comment (We met and discussed a way to provide more balance in review. Talked about considering Saudi Arabia’ perspectives of inclusion as not meeting genral expectations of inclusion and the need to argue that there has to be shift in perspective, policy and practice.

This would be the title Inclusive education in Saudi Arabia’s main stream schools: finding a way forward”

& Basically there is unclear ideas and illustration via the last work especially on the progress report so I just will upload both work to see the main ideas and review as well as the Professor Feedback  .


4 There are several of Resources will be uploaded about Saudi Arabia education system in general and for special needs students as well as many suggestion Resources about Inclusive education system in the world , especially in Australia ,  Articles , Peer Reviewed  , Online Resource (could you PLS Include and  use this as its new vision in Saudi Arabia , Both websites about The new vision in Saudi Arabia education .


5 About The Sections  , recording to the professor suggestion and reorder  THE SECTIONS will be About SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 2- FAMILY SUPPORT 3- SCHOOL FACILITATED 4- TEACHER COLLABORATION 5- PEERS ASSISTANCE (ALL Of these based on Policy and Practice  ) (Pls see the plan for investigation file)


6  I will upload Files under below labels  :


  • Instruction 1 , 2 , 3 Important .
  • Plan For Investigation + Unit Professor Feedback (To see The main ideas & what must be change )
  • Progress Report + Unit Professor Feedback (Please see the feedback comments of the Professor Plus what must be modify for the new work )
  • Peer Feedback (there are several of good suggestion ) (Example ( adopting “person first language” such as ‘students with down syndrome’ instead of ‘down syndrome students’.) etc.
  • Information about the way to write 1&2.
  • APA Information 1&2.
  • Example 1&2.


Unit materials (References , online resources etc. )


  • Saudi Arabia RESUORSES ( To all the information about Saudi Arabia Education System, Policy (currently and history  ) Special needs , The movement to be more inclusive . Please have read the file under name Special needs + Inclusive in Saudi Arabia (1)  Page 49 J
  • Other resources about the inclusive education system (Please see for example 1 CfBT report English 2 Salamanca agreements 3 National_Declaration_on_the_Educational_Goals_for_Young_Australians Plus other great Article .


DRAFT wanted  FOR EACH 3000 WORD

THE TOTAL  NO MORE THAN( 9000 W) exclude the  the references

All sections  must be the same length limit of word

APA 6th style Please see the files under name( Saudi Arabia MY work for other unit)

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