Impact of the Absolute Bowie Music Event in Bristol, United Kingdom

Project description

Music has several impacts on the community or the region for a music event. The intent of this study is to find out the results of music events to the society. This research specifically analyzes the impacts that the Absolute Bowie music event has on the society. The Absolute Bowie music event will be held in Bristol the United Kingdom on the 8th of July at The Fleece (BS1 6JJ).

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Background Information

Music has significant impacts on the society. These results vary from social, cultural, economic as well as tourist impacts (Etiosa, 2012). The music event is likely to affect the cultural beliefs and practices of the hosting community of an event. The sound and the messages released to the audiences through the music directly impact the listeners of the music in numerous ways (Chau &Riforgiate, 2010). The impact is often dominant amongst the youth and the adolescents. Economic impacts can either be positive or negative to the hosting community. Tourist impact can affect the community positively through increased economic income or negatively through corrosion of the cultural and social practices by the city (Duke, 2014).

Five piece absolute Bowie is a series of events that is scheduled to take place across Europe. The events will involve a live band performance in tribute to David Bowie. The live band performance will feature all of David Bowie’s greatest hits during his career in music.  The performance is described to be energetic in nature with A to Z shows with the station to station in between. The 5Piece Absolute Bowie is an important event in Europe and has the possibility of significant impacts to the community.

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