Impact of the Absolute Bowie Music Event in Bristol, United Kingdom

The subject area for this dissertation is Events Management for 15,000-18,000 words. Please kindly to go see how the dissertation should be presented on page 5 and page 7 for the indicative reading lists to help you for the research in the dissertation handbook.
I am looking to work on the Impact of the music event for whom is British and non-British Residents in Bristol by Absolute Bowie, which will be held on 8th July 2016, at The Fleece, BS1 6JJ in Bristol. You will have to look at the impact and implication ( theory and Evaluate relate data) of people such as a fans of the band, basking in reflected glory ( part of the social identity theory), how the band influent people with the music/styles, type of people who is the fan of this music band, etc as you think is appropriate, but need to relate/refer the theory of the socio. Please try to stick on the socio-culture, do not need to focus on the economic that much. I will upload the dissertation proposal & dissertation handbook for you to have a look. For the dissertation proposal, you can edit it for the better and more interesting, but please stick to the same idea. However, for the data collection, should be qualitative and quantitive data collection. You should make the questions for me to collect the first hand data for this dissertation by the questionnaires for the fleece Manager, the promotor, and people who is British and non-British Residents in Bristol to answer the questions. As I have been thinking and discussed with the supervisor roughly, The question for manager at the fleece should be asking about what is\are their expectation from it. For example, from the event/ the band, etc. And probably will ask him/ they again after the event about how event went on, the satisfaction etc. For the promotor should be about how they can advertise/ promote the band/event for people to come to the fleece, etc. For the crow during the event, I will probably attend to this event and see how many percentage of the fan that be able to sing along with the band either for the british and non- british residents for the quantitative data collection and observation. And for the *qualitative* data collection, you should make the own/personal link of the questionnaires for me, so that I will be able to contribute the questions around to people who lives in Bristol to fill up before the event happening to ask do you know/ not know the band before, will you be attend to the event, and are you a fan of the event, etc as you think it’s appropriate. And for during the event and after the event can be a questions survey feedback about the band and the venue. However, I will arrange to see the supervisor in the mid of June for the pre data collections & the evaluation, and I will update you again around that time.

At the moment, you should start thinking research and writing on the Literature Review and Methodology about the background of the Absolute Bowie, what is he do, analyse with the theory, why are these people important to us, etc. The literature review and methodology have to be completed by the 6th July. From the 9th July (after the event) until the mid of August should be working on interpreted the Evaluation. I will see my supervisor again on the 10 or 11th July with all the plan of the dissertation. however, the final piece should be completed by 6th September 2016. May I please request for the writer who lives in Bristol, Uk for the easier dissertation processing and primary data collection during the event. this the link for the website:

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