Hong Kong Voting Right

Introduction: Start with questions about the topic,  have a thesis statement about the paper and stay with the topic.


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Body #1: Structure of government in Hong Kong during British colony

  1. Explain how used to select the governor

Body #2: Reaction during British colony

  1. What were Hong Kong citizen’s reaction under British colony?
  2. What were China’s reaction when they overlook Hong Kong was under British colony?

Body #3: Structure of government in Hong Kong

  1. Before Hong Kong became British colony
  2. After Hong Kong returned back to China in 1997 under “One Country Two System”
  3. Compare (a) and (b) in details.

Body #4: Electoral College System/ Basic Law

  1. Role of Electoral College System
  2. Role of Basic Law
  3. How does Hong Kong select the chief executive under the Electoral College System and Basic Laws

Body #5: “One Country Two System”

  1. Role of “One Country Two System”

Body #6: Reaction on “One Country Two System”

  1. Two different groups of people
  • “Supporters of “One Country Two System”
  • “Protesters of “One Country Two System”

Body #7: What supporters to do to show their supportive?

  1. Establish of political outfit

Body #8: What protesters to fight for their democracy right?

  1. Student’s protests
  • Joshua Wong Chi-fung
  • September 2014
  • Scholarism, a student activist group which initially just handed out leaflets against the newly announced moral and national education.

-Umbrella Revolution

b.Protests on Chinese New Year 2016 with police

c.Different organizations that support the protestors

Body #9: How China or Hong Kong government react on the protestors?

-Arrest the protestors

  1. Take away the Home Return Permit (Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents) from protesters
  2. Causeway Bay Books disappearances

Body #10: “The Last Utopia” by Samuel Moyn

-Explain what does Moyn mention about the Human Rights in his book

Body #11: Compare and contrast the Human Rights by Moyn and Voting Rights in Hong Kong




Work Cited Page


Requirement in the paper

-A strong and clear topic question, or thesis, that is consistently integrated and developed in the body of the paragraph, culminating in conclusion that summarizes that development and poses questions for future research.

-Clear and distinct introduction of no more than two paragraphs, including topic question or thesis and setting forth structure of the body with three to five main arguments

-Minimum of nine scholarly sources cited, in addition to the context source

*Make sure that have quotes found in an article/a journal in each paragraph*

*Make sure to quote the sources that found in an article/a journal in each paragraph and give them credit for the work

*Make sure to have own point of view/ opinion on each paragraph (arguments)*

-Style is well developed; serious in tone and lexicon (no colloquialisms); free from gross errors in spelling, syntax and accurate in use of conjunctions

-Shows clear delineation between the writer’s thoughts and views  and those from sources. In addition to being cited, sources are introduced by both author and title on first mention, and by one or the other, in subsequent mentions-in addition to correct citation, of course.

***first person voice will be accepted at all levels in introducing topics, presenting opinions, and posing questions.


List of the sources can look at

Student activists forms new democracy party in Hong Kong

China jails four supporters of Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

Compromise for Hong Kong: An Electoral College That Works

The Basic Law of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of The People’s Republic of China

“Chapter IV”

One Country, Two Systems”: How Hong Kong remains distinct from China

Hong Kong Was Better Under the British

Hong Kong 15 Years After Handover: What’s Changed?

Hong Kong students skip classes to protest at “pro-Beijing” uni appointment

“Missing” Bookseller Resurfaces in Hong Kong

Dissident Hong Kong Book Publisher Returns Home

The Needs of Hong Kong’s Silent Majority Are Being Ignored

Demonstrators in Hong Kong March to Seek Free Elections

Hong Kong Students Boycott Classes in Democracy Fight

Perceptions of Universal Suffrage And Functional Representation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Democrats Stumble

Beijing panel votes to end rights laws in Hong Kong

When One Country Two System “meets” One Person, One Vote”

Cognitive Mobilization and Electoral Support For the Democratic Party in Hong Kong

Why the Hong Kong Election Rules That China’s Legislature Established Are Fake Universal Suffrage

China’s Right to Govern Hong Kong

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