Health promotion report

Report Guidelines 

This aim of this assessment item is synthesise the information you have found out about your workplace within a health promotion framework. You will apply your understanding of workplace health promotion from your literature review, your workplace audit and observation and insights from your participant interview to help guide, explore and understand current health promotion activities in your workplace. You will critique the planning, implementation and evaluation of these activities. From this exploration you will be well positioned to understand how your workplace does health promotion and what is or isn’t done well. This exploration will help you understand the social-cultural context for behaviour change in your workplace. From here, you will make recommendations and an overall conclusion about how your workplace does health promotion.

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For Part C of this project, essentially (but not literally) you are trying to answer the following questions.


  • What health promotion does your workplace do?
  • Does your workplace do health promotion well or not?
  • What is the evidence?
  • What is the socio-cultural context for health behaviour change in your workplace?
  • How do you think this workplace can do health promotion better?


Firstly, you will need to analyse your workplace audit and observation. This will help you understand what health promotion your workplace does, if they do it well, and the evidence. Then, you will need to analyse your participant’s insights in context of the current health promotion activities at your workplace. For example, does the workplace actually do what they say they do, that is, is the health promotion policy operationalized? Your participant will have provided you with insight about what really happens, that is, what’s reality and what’s rhetoric?

You should use the five action areas of the Ottawa Charter as a framework to guide your enquiry. You can assume the reader knows and understands the Ottawa Charter. However, you should assume the reader does not know anything about your workplace. Definitions of terms, diagrams or footnotes, help the reader understand what you are speaking about. This is where appendices are helpful.

You should present an argument about how your workplace does health promotion. Your arguments should be balanced and evidence-based. You may make comment/pass opinion however these should be supported by evidence. Solid examples to back up your comments are more convincing than statements which are not evidence-based. You should make a conclusion based on your analysis. You should make a range of suggestions/recommendations in enough detail to clearly understand what you think workplace should do to improve health promotion. Make sure you make a clear, succinct overall conclusion which acknowledges the questions listed above.

You should use at least 10 references (from the last 5 years) for this assessment. For this assessment (and as a post graduate student), about 70-80% of your reference list should be evidence-based literature, for example, quantitative, mixed methods and qualitative research, systematic reviews or meta-synthesis articles. Discussion articles and editorials are not considered evidence-based but may be useful.


You should write your report in the third person in academic writing style. The structure of your report should be according to the standard academic structure of an assignment – introduction, main section and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be about 10% (each) of the word count. Your introduction should introduce and describe your workplace.  You should structure the main section of your report according to the action areas of the Ottawa Charter and make recommendations at the end of each action area. Your conclusion should make an overall conclusion about the social-cultural context of health promotion and behaviour change at your workplace.

As part of your preparation, you should look at the grading criteria sheet and make sure you address all the criteria. The grading scheme which will be used to grade this assessment is called Criterion Reference Assessment or CRA. You may be familiar with this style of grading. CRA provides a guide to your performance in conceptual terms, that is, you can understand your assessment item as ‘exceptional, excellent, good, poor….”………………………………………….


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