Health Care

Section 1: Nature of the Project: Includes the following subsections:

  • Introduction
  • Problemstatement
  • Purpose statement
  • Nature of the doctoral project
  • Significance
  • Summary

Section 2: Background and Context

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  • Concepts, models, and theories
  • Relevance to nursing practice
  • Local background and context
  • Role of the DNP student
  • Role of the project team (if applicable)

Section 3: Collection and Analysis of Evidence

  • Introduction
  • Practice-focused question(s)
  • Sources of evidence
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Summary

Completion of Section 3 marks the end of the proposal sections.

As mentioned above, I started to re-arrange the paper based on Walden’s DNP Project Template (See Attachment: SherlyBoulay’s DNP Proposal). I need assistance with the following:

  • The abstract section will need to be reworded to avoid plagiarism
  • Section 1: will need to be reworded to avoid plagiarism, also please include a nature of project and summary section. Please use references listed in reference section to add. Feel free to add or correct section 1 based on evidence provided in reference list
  • Section 2: This section need most writing. Please feel free to add/revise based on evidence. Also, please include relevance to nursing practice, role of the DNP student and summary
  • Section 3: will need to be reworded to avoid plagiarism, also please include a summary section. Please use references listed in reference section to add. Feel free to add or correct section 1 based on evidence provided in reference list







Section 4: Findings and Recommendations

Example First Heading

Present your results here. Section 4 includes the following subsections:3 PAGES 5 REFERENCES PLUS  5 POWER POINT SLIDES

  1. Introduction
  2. Findings and implications
  3. Recommendations
  4. Contribution of the doctoral project team (if applicable)
  5. Strengths and limitations of the project

This is an example of a table in APA style (see Table 1).

Table 1

A Sample Table Showing Correct Formatting

  Column A


Column B Column C Column D
Row 1        
Row 2        
Row 3        
Row 4        


Note. From “Attitudes toward Dissertation Editors,” by W. Student, 2008, Journal of Academic Optimism, 98, p. 11Reprinted with permission.


This is an example of a figure labeled per APA style. Note that the label is placed under the figure itself. As with tables, refer to the figure by number in the narrative text preceding the placement of the figure (see Figure 1).


[place figure here]


Figure 1. This is a sample of a figure caption, with the figure number in italics and the caption in plain type, sentence case.


Follow these instructions to allow figure number and caption to update in the List of Figures.

  1. Use the cursor to highlight the figure number and caption where they appear in the narrative chapters. (Figure 1. Figure caption.)
  2. Press Shift + Alt + the letter o). In the Mark Table of Contents Entrythat comes up, you will see the figure information that you highlighted in the Entry box. Put A in the Table Identifier box. Put 1 in the Level box. Do not close the Mark Table of Contents Entry box. Work can be done while it is open.
  3. Continue to follow this protocol for all figures. You will see parenthetical entry field coding beside each figure caption when you have the formatting showing.
  4. Close the Mark Table of Contents Entrybox.
  5. Place your cursor on the List of Figurespage in the TOC.
  6. Open the Referencestab.
  7. Left click Insert Tables of Figures.
  8. In the Table of Figuresbox that comes up, put a check in the “Show page numbers” and “Right align page numbers” boxes. Remove the check from the hyperlink box. Put dot leaders in the Tab leader box. Under General, format is “from template.” Caption label is “Figure.” Put a check in the “Include label and number” box.
  9. Go to Options. Remove check from “style” box. Put a check in the “Table entry fields” box. Put A in the Table identifier box. Click OK. Click OK again on initial Table of Figuresbox.
  10. The figures will appear on the List of Figurespage. You may have to reformat the spacing and font. If the captions themselves change in the narrative, this whole process must be repeated. If only the page numbers change, do this:
  11. Left click to place the cursor anywhere on the figures mentioned on the List of Figures page.
  12. Right click “Update field.”
  13. Place bullet in circle for option to update page numbers only.
  14. Left click OK.
  15. The page numbers will update automatically.


Section 5: Dissemination Plan 2 PAGES 4 REFERENCES AND 2 POWER POINTS SLIDES

In Section 5,describe the plan to disseminate this work to the institution experiencing the problem in practice. Include the following subsections:

  1. Analysis of self
  2. Summary

The rubric

  1. The gap in practice, problem, and purpose are clearly articulated, worthy of doctoral study, and within the scope of the DNP role.
  2.    The doctoral project is grounded in a focused application of related concepts, models, and/or theories.
  3. The doctoral project reflects mastery of the current state of professional knowledge in the area of the project. Context and background clearly describe the history of the problem and thepractice setting in which the project will be undertaken.
  4.    The doctoral project has the potential to advance nursing practice and promote positive social change in individuals, society, systems, and/or communities.
  5. The problem statement and purpose, questions, and type of project are consistent with norms and expectations of the scholarship of application and evidence-based practice.
  6.    The type of doctoral project, sources of evidence, and specific approach to carrying out the project are well aligned with the problem, purpose, and questions to be addressed in the project

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