Governance and Fraud

This is an individual

written assignment with two parts.

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Learning Outcomes which this assessment desires to achieve includes:

GLO 1 – discipline specific knowledge; GLO2 – written communication; and GLO

4 – critical thinking skills and GLO 5 problem solving.

Part 1 Answer the following questions based on the case study of Enron


Note: You are required to watch “Enron the smartest guys in the room” (available on

cloudsite) as background understanding and answer the questions below.


(i) Analyse the corporate culture at Enron and its management’s behaviour. Include in your

analysis, the normative theory of ethics which you would consider most relevant in driving

the decision making at Enron.

(8 Marks)

(ii) At which stages on Kohlberg’s theory of cognitive moral reasoning and development do

you consider Jeff Skilling is at? Justify your answer.


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