This assessment comprises a 2,500 word paper. Students are asked to prepare a report setting out a financial analysis of a publicly listed company. The focus of this assessment task is to test the students’ achievement of all SILOs. The due date for each assignment task is listed on page 10 of this Subject Learning Guide

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“You are an assistant analyst for an investment bank. Prepare a report which sets out a complete financial analysis to an adjusted set of accounts of JB Hi-Fi Ltd. It is not sufficient to simply present typed or spreadsheet solutions. You are required to demonstrate and explain your assumptions and the workings to obtain your solutions.”


Students are advised to work in a group when preparing the calculations for their assignment. However, you are reminded that it is an individual assignment and the analysis for theassignment should be done separately. Each group member should produce and submit an assignment that contains only their written work.



JB Hi-Fi annual reports (i.e. minimum of 2011 – 2015) and other relevant data.



Assessment 2 comprises 30% of the final assessment for FIN3FSA. Students are required to complete this assignment, which will contribute towards the final assessment. Nosupplementary assignments will be offered. It must be submitted in hard copy format. It is also to be submitted in soft copy format on LMS, so that it can be assessed usingTurnitin.



What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism: “occurs when someone uses words, ideas, or work productsattributable to another identifiable person or source:• without attributing the work to the source from which it was obtained; • in a situation in which there is a legitimate expectation of originalauthorship; • in order to obtain some benefit, credit, or gain which need not bemonetary” (Fishman, T. International Centre for Academic Integrity


The penalties for plagiarism are severe and are governed by University legislation. A student found to have plagiarised may be allocated no marks for the particular piece of work involved, or may be allocated a fail grade in that subject (in the case of collusion) or in the case of commissioning an essay from a third-party source, may result in exclusion from the university without readmission.




The assignment will be marked out of 100 and will comprise 30% of the final FIN3FSA grade.Allocation of marks will be divided among the following areas:  analysis and interpretation of results, including original contribution; range and accuracy of calculations; and presentation.


An assessment sheet (“Assessment criteria guide”) listing specific points under each of these three categories will be used for the assessment of your assignment.This should be used as guidance in preparation of your assignment.



A coversheet needs to be completed and stapled to the front of the assignment. This can be found on the LMS site for FIN3FSA – “Individual Statement of Authorship.” In addition, an “Assessment criteria guide” page should also be attached.


Word limit: 2,500 words.

Format: typed 12-point Times Roman font; A4-sized pages, stapled top-left corner, no cover.


Due date: Submit a hard copy of your Assessment 2 at the lecture on Friday, 20 May, 2016. Also submit an electronic or soft copy to Turnitin on LMS for FIN3FSA (failure to do so will preclude the grading of this assessment).


Consult the document “Guidelines for electronic and hard-copy submission of assignments” for the correct procedure to follow. This document is located on the subject’s LMS website.


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