Explain and critically evaluate Descartes’s dream conjecture or his evil demon conjecture.

2- Explain and critically evaluate Descartes’s dream conjecture or his evil demon conjecture.
“We can think. this proves we are not just mere matter.” Does it?
“METERIAL things, including one’s own body,are completely subject to physical laws.”
“The immeterial mind can move one’s body.” Are thses two claims incompatible? Explain.
Explain Hobbes’s idea that all mental acivity reduces to matter in motion.
Question 4
Will the future resemble the past? Can you know that it will, or must you merely assume that it will?
Questions 1, 2, 3
What does philosophical analysis do? In other words, define philosophical analysis.
What is accomplished by the use of philosophical analysis?
3- “Square circles are nonexistent things.” “No squares are circles.” Which of these two propositions is simpler, philosophically, and why?
Reflection Log
Many philosophical views from the modern period within metaphysics and epistemology. Some of these historic views about the nature of the world around us and how we can (or cannot) know it are far removed from our everyday perspectives. In fact, ideas from philosophy such as Descartes’ evil genius conjecture might even be reminiscent of some science fiction movies The Matrix.
Answer the following:
If we currently live in the matrix, would you want to know? Why or why not? Does it make any difference in your life whether or not we live in the matrix? Discuss. One Paragraph

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