Scale and Coverage

One of TripAdvisor’s greatest strengths and perhaps the reason why it stays at the top is its huge coverage. There are currently over 2.5 million businesses on TripAdvisor with over 14 million photos shared. The site has over 65 million unique visitors every month. Hotel and travel businesses cannot afford not to be onTripAdvisor. Because of this, customers have one portal they can access a travel or hotel place for photos, reviews by other customers and even rating. It has made itself extremely important to businesses in hotel and travel and extremely convenient for travellers(Bussgang, 2012).

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Self Service Advertising

TripAdvisor has been very successful in having businesses that list on itself-advertise. Through features like self-service graphical advertising, page customization and cost per click, they have built a multi-pronged model that enables businesses to take charge of their own advertising on the website. Through self-service graphical advertising, travel businesses can generate views and possibly business leads simply by being creative in their online placement. Unique photos and customized content features are able to determine number of unique visitors to a business’s online page(TripAdvisor).

Content Quality and Trust

TripAdvisor’s top ranking lies on trust from both the businesses listed and site visitors. Through its fraud program, they monitor reviews and ensure there are no fake or paid reviews by hotels. They also monitor customer reviews to weed out malicious reviews. As much as these efforts may not be full proof, they cultivate a sense of trust between the two parties(Lester, 2012). A lot of unique visitors to the sites page are looking for places to visit or to stay for the first time. This is only possible because they trust the brand that is TripAdvisor.

Add-on Services

Besides just listing and reviews, TripAdvisor has add-on service features for both visitors and listed businesses. It has self-service advertising, page customization and cost per click add-on services for businesses. This makes listing become more valuable for travel businesses. Besides just sharing reviews and ratings, they have a service where visitors can contact each other through the site.They also have CityGuide app product for directions which is available in App store and Google play. These features make it valuable for businesses to list on the site and for visitors to find their destinations through the site(Walker, 2015).

Social Media

There is no denying the value of social media in today’s interconnected world. Social media has a big influence in consumer choices. TripAdvisor has invested in building and maintaining a vivid social media presence. Through social media, they interact directly with their fans and share inspiring moments and stories. It grows its user base through marketing itself on social media.

Search Engine Marketing

Trip Advisor has engaged search engine optimization among its core e-marketing strategies. They have a number of key words and phrases, besides its brand name, optimized for search engines. Optimization increases the chances of unique visitors landing on the website or being re-directed to its website when one is searching through a search engine(Stokes & Blake, 2009). Also, it appears as a product when one is searching the key words in a search engine.


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