discuss the tension between professional identity and beginning teachers

1- Activity
1. Almost all teacher educators point out that the first 3-5 years of teaching are the most critical. If sufficiently supported, teachers remain committed to their chosen vocation. Read the article below by Pillan and colleagues who discuss the tension between professional identity and beginning teachers. An important and insightful aspect to consider when mentoring a beginning teacher!
Pillen 2013.pdf
2. Then post to the online forum responding to the following prompt…( max 150 words)
Consider the role of a beginning teacher. This may be based on your own experiences or someone that you know.
What informal support could an experienced teacher provide to a beginning teacher to support their professional
identify in the first year of teaching?
2- Activity
1. Below are three articles that discuss the problem of teacher retention and how mentoring can enhance induction and reduce professional isolation. Read at least 2 of these articles and then post online to the prompt (150 words or less)
Identify 2-3 ways mentoring may enhance teacher induction.
Hallem et al 2012.pdf
Paris 2013.pdf
Buchanan et al 2013.pdf

3- ACTIVITY (max 100 words)
If you are in a school it would be timely to consider the graduate teacher Standards from AITSL.
I have included the link below. If you are not in a school consider the policies, standards
and expectations of your organisation for beginning teachers. Are they reasonable? Do you
think beginning teachers are equipped to work to fulfil these standards in the first years of
teaching? Post your thoughts to the online forum below.

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Standards _ Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. pdf
4- Activity
Below are three mentoring movies that showcase three different mentoring programs across various contexts. View the three movies below. (max 100 words)

As you watch the movies take note of the similarities and difference of the mentoring programs for beginning teachers. You might consider areas such as…
– the metalanguage used to discuss the programs
– the purposes for each of the programs
– the resources and strategies utilised in each of the programs.
Using the online forum link below, share your insights from these three movies. Two of the movies are school based the the third is a very different context of a medical college. What was similar, what was different?

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