Cultural Perspectives

The goal of this assignment is to integrate paper on cultural nuances, expectations, and perspectives on the stereotype and biased opinions of obesity. You will present a current diversity-related situation or dilemma; compare and contrast the cultures involved in the situation; provide a historical perspective and analyze the contributing factors to the current state of the situation. You will then interpret the effects of the situation on the cultures involved, provide arguments in favor of and opposed to each side of the situation. Finally, you will assess your beliefs and perspectives regarding the situation or dilemma and identify strategies for building inclusion by synthesizing the varying perspectives.
Discuss obesity and overweight people in society, how are they judged and discriminated against. In fitness establishments, with healthcare, the workplace, the military. Keep this focus and answer all the questions in regards to obesity.

you are to write an argumentative paper on a diversity-related situation or cultural dilemma that is prevalent in our society today. Be sure to include and answer the following:
1.Identify a diversity situation or cultural dilemma that is prevalent in today’s society. a.Provide an analysis of the topic, including historical perspective and current day situation.
b.Explain why this is a topic of interest.

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2.Compare and contrast the different groups. a.What groups are involved in this situation or dilemma?
b.What subcultures are identified within these cultural groups that are involved in the situation or dilemma?
c.What stereotypes, biases, cultural norms, or privileges are associated with these cultural groups and subgroups?

3.Determine a personal position regarding the topic. : a.Identify and present attitudes, beliefs, cultural norms, or stereotypes that you identified within yourself when determining your position on the topic?
b.Present at least one argument supporting the topic.
c.Present at least one argument opposing the topic.

4.How can this situation or dilemma be addressed moving forward with a mutually beneficial outcome?

Your paper should be 3960-4950 words in length, double-spaced, not including your title page, abstract, and references page. Be sure to use five to seven peer-reviewed resources, including those provided throughout the course, to support your position for your arguments. Make sure to gather evidence and present persuasive, well-reasoned arguments regarding your topic, and consider all perspectives and opinions.
FOCUS is OBESITY and being overweight.

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