Critique and analysis of a Planning Document including assessment

You should provide an informed (investigation based) critique of a Planning Document.This critique will draw on the concepts and understanding from the readings.

The planning document was designed for a day care centre with children from 0-4.

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Some questions to answerwhen writing this critique will include:

  • What are the assumptions about the learners?
  • What are the assumptions about the processes of learning?
  • What is the role of various communication strategies in the construction, implementation and reporting of assessment?
  • What is the significance of providing timely feedback to learners?
  • What are the assumptions about the learning community and what strategies can be used for reporting to students and parents/carers?
  • What is purpose of keeping accurate and reliable records of student achievement?
  • What are the implications for assessment with regard to the substance and processes for assessment in terms of collecting assessment data to evaluate and modify teaching practice?
  • What might this planning mean for replacement or relief teachers
  • What reflections or recommendations are appropriate to this planning?
  • What are the assumptions about the teacher as a professional learner?
  • what the main strategies and schemes are for assessment.
  • Share your own personal view of assessment; make sure that you identify your context (early childhood) . What are your personal view on assessment schemes and why
  • Which professional standards have guided the critique and why?
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of observation in assessment.

The essay should effectively and comprehensively critique the selected document;

Issues and considerations for planning should be clearly identified and thoroughly analysed;

Essay must show excellent knowledge about National and state curriculum, teaching and learning practice with attention to assessment requirements.

Essay should explicitly identify the key issues……..

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