Country and industry risk analysis to assess the strategic viability of the FDI

You are required to make an FDI in an industry and country of your choice. The aim of the report is to present a country and industry risk analysis to assess the strategic viability of the FDI.
Report Structure
The report must be well presented with synopsis, relevant literature and data, results and conclusion. There should be a comprehensive reference list and all detailed data should be in appendices that are referred to in the body of the report.
The report must include:
1. An Executive Summary
2. A statement of the scope and opportunity of the investment
3. PESTLIED analysis and summary findings
4. Industry/Competitor analysis
5. Suggested mode of entry and an assessment of its appropriateness for entering the chosen market
6. Risk management considerations
7. A conclusion, including the group’s assessment of whether the investment is reasonable given the nature of the risks.
8. References
9. Any appendices

Report Content
Treat the report as if it is a professional report you have been asked to prepare by the board of the company making the FDI decision. You have been asked to prepare a report evaluating the decision that the company made to enter a foreign country. This should look at all the relevant factors both internal and external, and the mode of entry and make a recommendation as to whether the company’s decision to enter that foreign market was a good one or if it might have been better off either not entering that market or by doing something differently (this could be in terms of their structure, strategy, preparedness of nature of entry).
You want your boss/client to read the report (and they are very busy) so the point of the executive summary si to highlight noteworthy points that are going to create interest in reading further (otherwise the report might just end up in the bin unread).

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This assessment task involves group work and candidates are required to form their own groups of 4-5 persons, by the end of the second lecture. Exact numbers depends on class size and lecturer’s approval. Except where a member is asked to leave a group through non-performance, groups may alter without approval however, notification of any changes of group composition must be reported to the lecturer in charge by email, from the student’s University email account, within one day of the change having taken place, and the change must take place at least two weeks prior to the production of the case itself.
Groups will undertake an analysis of international business through the lens of a country risk assessment. Candidates are expected, in their groups, to utilise their knowledge of theory gained in this subject and apply it to the case. Significant preparation external to class time for each case will be required.
The subject of the case study is a country risk assessment. Candidates should imagine that they are considering the viability of making a direct investment in a project located in a particular sector of the relevant country. Countries and case studies will be decided upon in consultation with the groups. The analysis of the case study is to be submitted as an Executive Report. The report must be appropriately referenced and structured with a table of contents, sections and subsections. Marks will be deducted for the absence of appropriate referencing & structure. All work must be referenced under the Harvard referencing system and include a list of references, or it will be penalised (see also
The word length for the executive report is 1,500 words per candidate thus, 6000 words for a group of four persons. You should provide a word count at the end of your report. Groups may be expected to report on their progress during lectures. This may be done in a group conference with the lecturer-in-charge or candidates may also be asked to present their findings to the class. No marks will be awarded for the progress report, but all groups and individuals will be expected to participate.

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