Contemporary Health Issues

Watch the movie SICKO (2007, Michael Moore).

Reflect on the main differences between the nations within the movie (pick two specific countries and compare and contrast the content from the film).  You will be writing a brief persuasive essay that focuses on which country you would prefer to live and why.

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Review the content on persuasive essays under content on elearn.


  1. Your essay should include a brief introduction to your topic, as well as a brief conclusion of your ideas or main points (if not included, you will lose marks for writing style)
  2. Must be written in APA format (title page, reference page and in text citations)
  3. Complete the following table and summarize your findings in a brief two paragraph reflection comparing and contrasting the countries that you have chosen (3 marks).  You must include the completed table as an appendix at the end of your essay prior to your reference page (1 marks)


Country or nation Type of health care system discussed (explain why you believe it is that type of system – with evidence from the movie) Benefits (give specific examples from the movie and how they are a benefit) Deficits (give specific examples from the movie and how they can be viewed as a deficit in the system)






  1. Write a brief reflection on which country or nation you would prefer to live, based on the information provided within the movie and explain why you made your choice (back up your thoughts with proof and content from the movie) (5 marks)
  2. Maximum 750-1000 words total for your essay (this does not include the table – reference page – title page – in text citations)



Marking breakdown:

All assignments must include the following information:

  1. APA style title page (review APA at the Mohawk library webpage or visit:
  2. Completed table (point form is fine – give examples from the movie)
  3. Reflection (you must use at least three valid points or examples (1 mark each) from the movie for full marks) with your reflection or feedback regarding these points (2 marks)
  4. APA style reference page (reference must include the movie, and any and all sources that you utilized within your work)



Grading Criteria Level one Level two Level three
Table completion and comparison of two countries (4 marks) Table is missing or has incomplete or incorrect information, no paragraphs included for this section (0-1) Table is complete and the section includes some content that is incorrect or unclear (missing or incomplete paragraphs) (1.5-3.5) Table is effectively complete and all content is correct and clear within this section (two clear and concise paragraphs appear in this section). (3-4)
Personal reflection (5 marks) Section is missing

Section is lacking evidence and support for ideas (0-1)

Section is complete and includes 1-2 support(s) and some evidence for ideas (1.5-3.5) Section is complete and includes at least 2 strong supports and evidence for ideas (3.5-5)
APA formatting (1 mark) APA format not utilized (0) APA format utilized with some errors (0.5) APA format correctly utilized (1)
Deductions No title page included

No reference page included

Spelling and grammatical errors

Late deductions (10% per day will be deducted from late entries)

Writing style




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