Analyze the impact of war crimes prosecutions on peace building


In responding to this essay title, you should analyze the ways in which war crimes prosecutions affects conflict-affected and conflict-vulnerable environments, including the impact on conflict recovery in the environment concerned and, possibly, the impact on conflicts elsewhere and in the future. You might also want to address the security versus justice debate, which, among other issues, addresses the argument that prosecuting alleged war criminals can be necessary to secure a lasting peace or can destabilize a fragile peace. You should ensure that you analyze or evaluate the impact on peace building, rather than just describing this aspect of transitional justice. You might want to focus upon ad hoc tribunals, in-country prosecutions or the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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You should draw on course material from Unit 6 and review some of the additional resources referred to in the Learning Resources and the bibliography. You are also encouraged to undertake additional research in this field, not least by drawing on material from the university library. You might also want to draw on personal experience and knowledge, which is encouraged although you should take care to support this with evidence, such as published sources.

There are no right or wrong answers. You will be marked on whether you can create a strong argument, supported with evidence, research and analysis. You will also be marked on your writing and research skills as well as your critical thinking skills. The presentation and structure of your assignment will also be assessed, as will evidence of your understanding of the course material and related sources.

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