Adjustment of Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, and Transgeder (LBGT) high school students

Adjustment of Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, and Transgeder (LBGT) high school students

Two new studies shed light on the
long-term effect of school bullying.
The first study explored the impact
of bulling of LGBT teens and found
bullying to be related to health and
adjustment differences in adulthood.
The second study found that LGBT
teen gender nonconformity is linked
to more bullying; however, only bully-
ing, and not teen gender nonconformity,
was found to be related to well-being in adult-
hood. These findings highlight the long term
impact bullying has on LGBT individuals
Who is Being Bullied, Why,
and What are the Effects?
Given the recent string of teen suicides
around the country, a lot of attention has
been given to school bullying. Reports
indicate that up to a third of students are
bullied during high school. Many schools
have started programs to educate parents
and students about bullying and to help
students who are being bullied. One group
often targeted and bullied are LGBT a………………………………

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